Queensland Museum – After Dark

Friday 19th July from 5.30pm at Queensland Museum

We are proud to be apart of the Queensland Museums - NASA - A Human Adventure Exhibition - Moon Landing The After Dark Program Details Are Below...... This After Dark, join us and celebrate the historic Moon landing. Step back in time to the 1960’s, an era of competitive space exploration dubbed the ‘space race.’ On Monday 21 July 1969 at 12.56pm, Eastern Standard Time, Queenslanders were among the estimated 600 million people watching the Apollo 11 moon landing television broadcast across the world. Back on Earth, miniskirts, mini mokes, and Beatle’s music mania were all the rage. Dress up in your favourite bell-bottoms, go-go boots, or mod prints and learn how to dance Rock n Roll, or the Jitterbug with Swing on In. Get ‘glammed up’ for a quick 60’s hairdo and maybe a lick of lippy at our pamper station courtesy of the Lindy Charm School. Plus, sit back in our interactive 1960's Queensland lounge room in the Café Muse to experience the excitement of watching the moon landing - the most iconic TV event of all time. Whether you turn on the radio, spin the world globe, or choose a vinyl record to play, this 1960’s experience is a great photo opportunity! Styling and furniture is courtesy of the Camp Hill Antique Centre. Explore all the Museum has to offer including NASA – A Human Adventure. Listen to live music, roving astronauts, droid racing, and science demonstrations and displays. Food and drinks will be available for purchase on Level 2. As this is an 18+, adults-only event please leave underage Space Cadets and children at home. ID will be requested on entry and to purchase alcohol. Buy tickets Discounted tickets available for Queensland Museum Annual Pass Holders. A valid card will need to be presented with ticket at entry.

After Dark Program


5:30pm – 9pm Level 1 SparkLab, Sciencentre Level 1 Anzac Legacy Gallery Level 2 Lost Creatures Level 3 NASA – A Human Adventure Level 4 Discovery Centre Level 4 Wild State


Meet our roving astronauts. Level 2 – Café Muse 5:20pm – 8pm Enjoy our interactive Queensland 1960’s lounge room to watch the moon landing - the most iconic TV event of all time. A great photo opportunity! Styling and furniture is courtesy of the Camp Hill Antique Centre. Level 2 – Café Muse 5:30pm – 9pm Party like it’s 1969 with live music from DJ Bacon. Level 2 – Foyer 5:30pm – 9pm ‘Get your glam on’ at our pamper station with 60’s hairdo and a lick of lippy from the Lindy Charm School. Level 1 1/2 5:30pm – 9pm Roving soapbox - scientist Physicist Dr Joel Gilmore talks all things Moon landing. All levels 5:30pm – 9pm Challenge a friend to a droid race using R2-D2.   Level 1 5:30pm – 9pm Make your own Origami space shuttle. Level 3 5:30pm – 9pm Get up close and personal with our scaly, furry and ALIVE friends from Geckoes Wildlife. Level 4 6pm-8pm Learn how to Rock n Roll, Jitterbug and Twist with Swing on In. Dress up in your favourite 60’s style. Level 2 – Foyer 6pm - 6:20pm/7:20 - 7:40pm Dressed as astronauts complete with helmets Men Into Space play the most unusual multi task guitars on the planet to create classic B-grade sci-fi roots and rockabilly. Level 2 - Foyer 6:20-6:55pm/7:40-8:05pm