Solar makeover for Old Planet Theatre out of this world

Camp Hill Antique Centre co-owner Sarah Jane Walsh is proud of the steps the business has taken to reduce carbon emissions. SOUTHEAST - Courier Mail Solar makeover for Old Planet Theatre out of this world Brian Bennion, South-East Advertiser February 9, 2020 7:00am THEIR business is all about recycling and repurposing, but Camp Hill Antique Centre has taken things a step further and installed 230 solar panels across the rooftop of their base, the old Planet Theatre, to reduce their carbon footprint. Owner Sarah Jane Walsh said the mammoth undertaking cost the business $80,000, but was worth every cent. “Our 1000sqm site is now half filled with panels and is offsetting up to 80 per cent of our considerable electricity needs,” she said. LANDMARK THEATRE BACK IN THE PICTURE “Despite its lovely appearance, Camp Hill Antique Centre is actually an effective recycling centre. We have saved over 750,000 items from landfill over the years. The massive roof of the old Planet Theatre is covered in solar panels. “In this spirit we have moved to ensure this dividend is delivered with as little cost to the environment as possible, so we rolled out large scale solar. If there was ever a time our business was considered the way of the future, it is now. We are creating a better future, one chair or teacup or frock and now one ray of sunshine at a time.”