US pop star spotted in Brisbane antique shop 

 SOUTHEAST AdvertisierUS pop star spotted in Brisbane antique shop  Brian Bennion, South-East Advertiser  August 14, 2018 1:16pm  US pop star Katy Perry couldn’t resist browsing antique fashion and jewellery in Brisbane on her day off before heading to Sydney for the final shows of her Australian tour.  Perry spotted the Camp Hill Antique Centre en route to her Q&A at Westfield Carindale and mentioned the centre in a live social media post vowing to return.  On Saturday, phones went buzzing as shoppers saw the star enter the antique centre with a small entourage disguised in a trench coat, sunglasses and hoodie covering her distinct peroxide blonde pixie cut.  Perry surprised jewellery dealer Tia Visentin, buying an antique art deco ring worth just over $1000.  Camp Hill Antique Centre owner Sarah Jane Walsh said the star browsed the centre for over an hour, also buying 1950s gloves and a red silk handbag from the 1960s.  “After name checking the shop on her live insta feed earlier in the week, Katy popped back during time off on Saturday for a private visit,” she said.  “Katy arrived incognito with a small entourage and proceeded to have a good old fossick and rummage session as she picked her way through the whole shop. Of particular interest was the  jewellery and vintage clothing selections.  “Staff had to curb their enthusiasm and not blow Katy’s cover, but they did assist Katy in her selection a sweet vintage ring.”  Jewellery dealer Tia Visentin with Katy Perry showing off her antique ring at Camp Hill Antique Centre.